All the raw material we use comes to us directly from the source – a plant or a tree.

We make quality food with easy-to-understand composition for a healthy diet. You can enjoy our products as snacks, or as a tasty supplement to your favorite dishes. Every item of our product range has a quality seal. This means that the product has successfully passed a special BeFrеsh quality test.

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Befresh dark organic blue agave syrup
240 gr
Befresh light organic blue agave syrup
240 gr
Befresh date syrup
240 gr
Unrefined cold-pressed avocado oil 250 ml / 100 ml
100 ml/ 250 ml
Befresh refined avocado oil 500 ml
500 ml
Olive oil & avocao oil blend 250 ml
250 ml
Avocado plant butter 120 g
120 gr
320 gr
Befresh himalayan salt
400 gr
Befresh chia seeds
150 gr
Befresh quinoa mix
150 gr
Amaranth seeds
Befresh omega mix
150 gr
Befresh hemp hearts
150 gr
Befresh salad mix
150 gr
Befresh yogurt mix
150 gr
Befresh detox mix
125 gr
Befresh sea salt roasted pimpkin seeds
125 gr
Befresh dried dates
200 gr
Befresh dried mazafati dates
550 gr