All the products we use come to us from the original source – directly fAll the agricultural produce we use comes to us directly from the source – a plant or a tree.rom the garden or tree.

We collected simple and delicious recipes for you for any occasion! Try them with our products.

Blueberry and date tarts
Roerich’s hot cereal breakfast
Pine apple and black currant smoothie
Roasted tomato soup with garlic toasts
Smoked salmon and spinach salad with avocado oil
Raw food diet vitamin salad
Mango, avocado and smoked chiken salad
Breakfast smoothie
Pumpkin seed pesto
Yoghurt mix
Slimming smoothie
Chia seed pudding
Home-made chocolate
Jerusalem-style hummus
Greek-style salad with olive oil & avocado oil blend
Margarita with blue agave syrup
Tahini and lemon juice salad dressing